Puck is a fairy boy that loves adventure. His room is a magical one that consists of a night sky complete with stars, a trampoline bed, and a kangaroo boxing ring. He also has his own chimp army that obeys his every command. He is constantly pulling pranks on Sabrina. He thinks his highly thought out pranks would cover it up, but he sometimes slips up, like the time he said "You don't need the makeup". When Puck was younger, he wanted to be the fairy king. Since that couldn't be accomplished, his mother told him he could be the "Trickster King". This is what inspired him to live his life teasing and pulling pranks. He is a 4,000 year old fairy in the shape of a young boy. He believes that growing up is a disease that he got from Sabrina. They since discovered that they would be married. This infuriated Puck, and he declared War on Sabrina, which consisted of nasty pranks such as hitting her off a water tower. That makes him horribly devistated, and for a bit he releases his control on his usual self in order to make sure that Sabrina is okay.

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