William "Billy" Charming, otherwise known as Prince Charming, is the fomrer Mayor of Ferryport Landing. He appears in many fairytales, including Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White. He was once very rich except that his fortune crashed into a reef. That happened while his fortune was being transported to Ferryport Landing.

Back when his heart was black towards the Grimm's, he swore ond day he'd wreck their house down to the floor boards!

Appearance and Personality

He is described as very handsome. Blonde, tall and has blue eyes. He also is said to have a british accent. He is known to be very cocky and obnoxious.



He is considered a ladies man as he has many wives and whoever he kisses he tends to marry, his kisses have a bit of power in them making who ever receives fall in love with him. This is why Sabrina didn't want to use him to wake up her mother. He has married many princesses, they have all moved on and the only one he seems to love and love him back is Snow White.