As most of you who have read the Sisters Grimm books, you have noticed the things between Puck and Sabrina. My friends have all agreed with me that indeed they are in love. For example, in book two Sabrina agrees with her sister that Puck is a hottie. In book three,well, Puck kisses Sabrina. In book four, Puck's cocoon follows her because he trusts her the most and Sabrina is heartbroken at the fact that Puck won't come back. In book five, Puck and Sabrina are married in the future. In book six, Puck tells her that she "doesn't need the makeup" which means he thinks she's pretty. In book seven, Puck apolojized to Sabrina for almost killing her and is crying. In book eight, Puck calls Sabrina things like "sugarbear" and "honey". Puck also eats a poisoned apple and needs a romantic kiss from someone that TRULY loves him. Sabrina kisses him and he is awake. In conclusion, it is safe to say Puck and Sabrina are TOTALLY in love