The story of Little Red Riding Hood is...

Red r

Red Riding Hood

One day a girl called Little Red Riding Hood was out in the forest. People called her this for the hood she always wore was red. Her grandmother was very sick and her mother had given her some goods to deliver to her to cheer her up. The only way to get to her house was through the forest.

On her way there she comes across a wolf. At first she is scared but then the wolf talks to her. He asks her where she is heading. She replies, "To visit my Grandmother through the forest." The wolf keeps asking her questions like, why?, or what do you have in the basket? Eventually Red had gotten tired of the questions and left to continue on to the house. The wolf on the other hand wanted to eat Red Riding Hood.

He followed her untill he found the house. He arrived there before her and found the grandmother on the bed. He eats her and disguises himself in her clothes. Not soon after Red knocks on the door and the wolf invites her in. She begins to be suspicious of the wolf, but doesn't know it is him. She asks questions like, "What big ears you have?", "What big eyes you have?" in which the wolf replies "All the better to see and hear you with." Red becomes even more suspicious and the wolf reveals himself.

He says he has already eaten the grandmother and will eat Red next. Red, terrified, screams hoping someone out there will hear her. Someone does and that someone is the woodsman. The woodsman rushes to the house to find the wolf trying to eat Red. He kills the wolf using his axe and cuts his stomach open. Inside is the grandmother undigestied. The woodsman then fills the wolfs stomach with rocks and throws him into the river. The End.

Of course, in The Sisters GRimm series, this isn't exactly how the story goes..