Relda lived in Berlin, Germany, until she met Basil Grimm. They were married shortly after they met, going on a two year honeymoon, "Packing a lifetime of vacations" into that period of time, seeing wonders of the world. On the honeymoon she learned several strange recipies. (see Relda's Cooking)

Detective BusinessEdit

At the end of Basil and Relda's honeymoon, Basil's Aunt Matilda became ill, and they had to go to Ferryport Landing, to keep up the Barrier. It was then that Relda found out about and embraced her new life as a fairy-tale detective.

Children, GrandchildrenEdit

Relda had two children; "Hank" Henry Grimm and "Jake" Jacob Grimm. As far as we know, Jacob remains single. However, Henry marries Veronica Grimm and they eventually have three children; Sabrina, Daphne, and "Little" Basil.

Relda eventually finds her oldest grandchildren (not yet knowing that Basil exists) in the foster care system, and gains cudstody of the girls. Although Puck is not techically one of her own, Relda took it upon herself to care for him.


Relda's CookingEdit

"Granny" Relda is known to cook strange things such as Camel's Hump Soup, Blue Meatballs, and Pink Syrup. If you dug through her refrigerator for an apple, you would probably find something that looks like an apple-just oddly colored-but tasted completley different from how it would if it really was an apple.


Relda often wears colored dresses with a matching hat, a sunflower appliqued into the center. She has gray (but still slightly streaked with its former flaming red) hair, usually in a bun with a few strands loose. She is "A little pudgy" and seems "Too young for her wrinkled face...because of her rosy cheecks and sparkling green eyes.