Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkel Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs was born in Omaha, Nebraska. When his hot air balloon escaped he ended up in Oz. There he became The Wizard of Oz until Dorothy exposed him. Though only a humbug, he is greatly skilled in machinery. In the present day he lived in New York City, with the Everafters of Faerie. During this time he became a great friend of Veronica Grimm, who did detective work there without her husband's permission. At some point he joined the Scarlet Hand. During his time in the Hand he kidnapped Henry and Veronica Grimm. Years later he became Oberon's henchman in New York. He attempted to conceal Veronica Grimm's diary so that the people of Faerie would not hear her words of wisdom. When Oberon was killed he marked him with the symbol of The Scarlet Hand. After learning of his plans the Grimms confronted him, only to have his robots attack them. After running to the top of the department store he worked in, he escaped in a hot air balloon. He is a member of the Scarlet Hand.

Oz tells the girls that Veronica Grimm was his friend. It seems that he was telling the truth, but when he joined the Scarlet Hand, it was obvious that he was not worthy of Veronica.